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Image of shrink wrapping

Shrink Wrapping

Protect and clearly display your retail products with contract shrink wrapping services. Versatile and popular, shrink film solves a ...

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Image of parts assembly

Parts Assembly

By producing line-ready subassemblies, parts kitting, small parts assembly and packaging we support local Original Equipment Manufactu...

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Image of cartoning


Manual cartoning services are ideal for packages containing particularly arranged and small to medium sized runs. Great for retail co...

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Image of hand assembly

Hand Assembly

For small volume applications that do not justify full automation, we offer semiautomatic or hand assembly. This can be ideal for part...

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Image of alternative temporary labor

Temporary Labor Alternative

There are many reasons that brings a manufacturing company to call on a temporary labor staffing agency for hiring skilled workers; an...

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Image of sample preparation

Sample Preparation

Whether you need sample packs produced, sample packs attached to a primary product, retail market preparation of hand out material or ...

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Apricity provides those impacted by substance use disorders a full spectrum of care including treatment, employment and support services in a safe, progressive recovery community.